AAXY, LLC Credit Report Self Service

This service is provided by Creditplus (www.creditplus.com) and all fee charged by Credit Plus. It will be acceptable by most wholesale lenders/investors we will send your loan. As multi-time credit check may hurt your credit score, please check your credit only once and tell our loan officer that you already pull a credit report through this web site.

The fee is charged by Credit Plus. Current cost are about $37 for one borrower or $40 two joint credit report (only used for husband and wife). Credit plus may change price at any time and AAXY LLC does not guarantee above price accurate. Please report any price problem or question to webmaster@aaxyllc.com.

Above price does not include a credit score simulation tool that is optional with extra fee can help you to see any way to improve your score.

Below content is from Credit Plus. Your information will send to Credit Plus by a secured portal.